Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow shmow.

I was stuck inside a lot this winter. Snowmaggedon, Snowpacolypse, and Snoverkill. Yes, DC got a record number of FEET of snow. Luckily, I live above a grocery store that not only cleared the sidewalks for me, but continued to restock throughout the storms. So when others couldn't venture out much less get to the store, it was like winter wonderland for me. The aisles were clear, the shelves were stocked, and there were no lines.

During one of these surreal experiences I decided to make an oldie but a goodie. Something my grandmother would make so when I walked in the door my tongue would melt into the back of my mouth in anticipation. Something my brother taught me to make during those few months that I crashed on his couch after moving to DC. Something some would call boring, but I call heaven.

Pot roast.

I didn't really use a recipe, I just threw some things together hoping to channel grandma's instinctual knowledge of the roast. I browned the roast after dredging with salt, italian seasoning, and a good helping of black pepper. I simmered some onions and garlic in a bit of red wine, and then put the roast back in the pot for a few hours, and let the aroma waft through the apartment. I didn't use that much wine. The roast lets off enough liquid to make a pretty substantial sauce.

About 3 hours in I added a bunch of chopped carrots. I waited until later to add them because I didn't want them to get so mushy they'd fall apart. But see how much liquid came from the roast? I cooked it down for another hour or so, and the meat was literally falling apart. Mmmmmm.

All in all, a success. Paired it with horseradish mashed potatoes and a salad. Perfect meat and potatoes meal for this little midwestern girl! And so perfect for my first food post here. I'll have to make it for Grandma the next time I'm in St. Louis and see if it makes her proud!

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  1. um, the picture with the onions looks a little scary!

    but i do love that recipe! i know mom and sarah use it a ton ton!