Sunday, March 7, 2010

Like we need a reason.

This past winter in DC was phenomenal. Not only did we have a TON of snow (record-breaking, and much more than those wussies up north), but I had dinner parties galore. After each one my poor friends had to endure my endless descriptions of the perfect menu connectedness, the amazing harissa we made, or the absolute perfect little raviolo with the egg yoke oozing out. I finally realized that glazed-over eyes probably means I should share my obsession with food in a more self-selecting way. And give my equally-obsessed partners in crime a place to share their adventures as well.

I also have many friends who fancy themselves food critics. I hope you'll share your notes here on what venues proved true to the hype, which ones fell flat, and which ones are bound to be a hit so we better get in while the gettin's good.

So please, blog away. I'll share some things, I hope you'll share some things, and in the process we'll feed our obsession.

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